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Grass Carp rotating animation of the Grass Carp Model Hand painted, 3D printed, Grass Carp model Grass Carp Chinook Salmon Hand painted, 3D printed, male Chinook Salmon model Chinook Salmon Oophaga Pumilio Strawberry
Poison Dart Frog
Black Carp Animated 360 view of the model Hand painted, 3D printed, Black Carp model Black Carp
New Layer New 3D-printable files in the shop:

Realistic animal models for research, education, and display.



3D printing produces surprisingly strong yet lightweight plastic parts. To protect our paint jobs, our models are clear-coated with durable waterproof clear-coat lacquer.

Larger prints are printed completely hollow and then filled with rigid foam to maintain light weight and increase durability.

Savimade Durable
Savimade realistic


As biologists and artists, we do our best to make our models as realistic as possible. We reference field guide descriptions and online reference photographs to ensure the anatomical accuracy of our models.


Our process of digitally modeling and 3D printing models allows us to be more efficient and cheaper than an artist making models out of clay or wood.

We also do our 3D printing ourselves so we don’t have to outsource to expensive 3D printing companies.

Savimade affordable
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