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Animal behaviour research was the original reason we started making realistic animal models. Through time, our models have found other educational or hobby purposes. But at the same time, our models have slowly started to appear in more and more scientific literature.

This page serves as a catalog of these publications where Savi Made models were used as part of the research. (To clarify: in most cases, we have no affiliations or contributions to the research beyond producing the models. Except for Gardner et al. 2021, where Lincoln Savi was a co-author on that publication)

  • Protti-Sánchez, F., Mayer, U., & Rowland, H. M. (2023). In paired preference tests, domestic chicks innately choose the colour green over red, and the shape of a frog over a sphere when both stimuli are green. Animal Cognition, 26(6), 1973–1983.
  • Coss, D. A., Ryan, M. J., Page, R. A., Hunter, K. L., & Taylor, R. C. (2022). Can you hear/see me? multisensory integration of signals does not always facilitate mate choice. Behavioral Ecology, 33(5), 903–911.
  • James, L. S., Baier, A. L., Page, R. A., Clements, P., Hunter, K. L., Taylor, R. C., & Ryan, M. J. (2022). Cross-modal facilitation of auditory discrimination in a frog. Biology Letters, 18(6).
  • O’Connor, R. S., Le Pogam, A., Young, K. G., Love, O. P., Cox, C. J., Roy, G., Robitaille, F., Elliott, K. H., Hargreaves, A. L., Choy, E. S., Gilchrist, H. G., Berteaux, D., Tam, A., & Vézina, F. (2022). Warming in the land of the midnight sun: Breeding birds may suffer greater heat stress at high- versus low-arctic sites. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 289(1981).
  • Gardner, K. M., Mennill, D. J., Savi, L. M., Shangi, N. E., & Doucet, S. M. (2021). Sexual selection in a tropical toad: Do female toads choose brighter males in a species with rapid colour change? Ethology, 127(6), 475–483.

If you’ve used our models in your published research or you found a publication that we’ve missed,

please let us know and we’ll add it to the list!