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Printable Narwhal Tusk


This Narwhal tusk is 2.5m long!

Print it out, paint it, and hang it on your wall. Be cooler than your friends.

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3D print this narwhal tusk and hang it on your wall. Convince your family and friends that you come from a long line of experienced narwhal hunters!

In addition to a single long tusk model file, we also provide the tusk files pre-sectioned in two ready-to-print versions!  Including a version split into 8, 312.5mm sections for larger printers (Like a Creality CR10s for example), and a version split into 12, ~210mm sections for smaller printers (Like an Ender 3 for example).

The full length narwhal tusk is 2.5 meters long! If that’s too intimidating for you, we also provide several alternative middle sections that can act as a terminating end.

For example: say you wanted a short tusk and you had a smaller printer, you could print
section 1 through 5 of the 12-section files and then print the “AlternativeEndSection6.stl”
to terminate the tusk at the sixth section instead of printing the normal 12 sections.

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