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American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus)


Print and customize your own American Toad figurine with our 3D STL file. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, classrooms and collection.

This is a digital file ready to be 3D printed and painted by you!
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American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus)

Introducing our 3D printable American Toad STL file, a perfect model for nature enthusiasts and collectors alike. You can print your own American Toad figurine in one piece and customize it to your liking with paint.

The American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus) is a common species found throughout North America. Recognizable by its distinctive trilling calls during breeding season and bumpy, warty skin. They thrive in various habitats like woodlands, fields, and suburban areas.

Our STL file is easy to print even for beginners of 3D printing. It provides an accurate representation of the American Toad with all its characteristic features. Print it and paint it to your desired color, or leave it as is.

This American Toad file is great for classrooms, a unique addition to your personal collection, or just as a fun and educational project for the whole family. Create your own American Toad figurine and learn more about this fascinating amphibian species.

The 3D printable, digital file is in STL format packaged in a .zip archive. It is life-sized and ready for you to print and paint it.

This American Toad is 8.6cm long SVL (snout-vent-length), which is about average for an adult male of this species. Print it at 110-120% size for an accurately sized adult female Toad model.

Our tested print settings: FDM

We successfully printed this model in PLA on an FDM printer using these settings:

  • Nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • Layer height: 0.12
  • Wall thickness: 1.2mm
  • Infill: 10% grid
  • Support material: True

We oriented the model as-is with the flat surface of its belly against the build plate.

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Lincoln Savi