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Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer)


This is a digital file ready to be 3D printed and painted by you!
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Introducing our 3D-printable Spring Peeper model! We design this intricate and detailed model to showcase the unique and beloved characteristics of the Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) species of chorus frog.

Spring Peepers earn recognition for their distinctive and unmistakable “PEEP!” call, which announces the arrival of spring. Their species name “crucifer” means cross-bearer in Latin, and their identifying visual feature is an “x” or a cross across their back. You can find these frogs in a wide range of habitats, including wetland, deciduous forests, and suburban areas, across much of eastern North America, from as far south as Florida to as far north as the southern shores of Hudson Bay.

Our 3D printable model is ideal for nature enthusiasts, educators, or anyone who wants to add a unique and educational touch to their home or office. The model is easy to print, requires no assembly, and is suitable for both novice and experienced 3D printers. The 3D printable digital files are in STL format, scaled to life-size, and ready for you to print and paint them. This Spring peeper is 25mm long, which is within the average size range for an adult of this species (~19-35mm)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own your very own Spring Peeper model and bring a piece of nature into your home. Order now and get ready to hear the first “PEEP!” of spring!

3D printed and painted spring peeper sitting next to a coin for scale.

Our tested print settings

We successfully printed this model in clear resin on an LCD 3D printer using these settings:

  • Layer height: 0.03mm
  • Hollowed: False

Feel free to use these settings as a guide or use your own preferred settings. They’re just the settings that we used when printing.

Due to the nature of resin printing, you will have to determine your own exposure settings because they are different for every brand of resin and printer.

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Sculpt artist

Lincoln Savi