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Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum)


Our 3D printable Tiger Salamander model is a realistic and educational display piece. With its accurate depiction of the salamander’s vibrant coloration and distinctive markings, this model brings the beauty of nature into your home or classroom. Suitable for a variety of 3D printers, it’s the perfect project for salamander enthusiasts and educators alike. Get yours today and experience the wonder of the Tiger Salamander in a whole new way!

This is a digital file ready to be 3D printed and painted by you!
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The Tiger Salamander is a species of mole salamander found across much of North America. It gets its name from its distinctive tiger-like stripes, which run down its body and tail. These salamanders are typically nocturnal and spend most of their time underground, emerging at night to hunt for insects and other small prey.

Our 3D printable, life-sized Tiger Salamander model is the perfect way to bring this fascinating species into your home or classroom. The model was carefully crafted to accurately capture the unique characteristics of the Tiger Salamander. The 3D printing process allows for a high level of detail, ensuring that every muscle and skin fold is perfectly reproduced.

This model is suitable for printing on a variety of 3D printers, including FDM or resin-based machines, and it makes a great addition to any collection. It is also an educational tool, providing a realistic and interactive way to learn about the biology and morphology of the Tiger Salamander. Whether you are a teacher looking for a new way to engage your students, or a salamander enthusiast looking to expand your collection, this 3D printable Tiger Salamander model is a must-have. Get yours today and discover the beauty and wonder of nature in a whole new way!

The 3D printable, digital files are in STL format. They’re scaled to life-size and ready for you to print and paint them.

This Tiger Salamander is about 176mm long from tip of nose to tip of tail, or 93mm from snout to vent, which is about average for an adult of this species.

3D printed tiger salamander sitting on a hand

Our tested print settings

We successfully printed this model in grey resin on an LCD 3D printer using these settings:

  • Layer height: 0.03mm
  • Hollowed: True
    • Wall thickness: 2mm
    • Infill: No
    • 3mm drainage holes near pelvic area

Feel free to use these settings as a guide or use your own preferred settings. They’re just the settings that we used when printing.

Due to the nature of resin printing, you will have to determine your own exposure settings because they are different for every brand of resin and printer.

Additional information

Sculpt artist

Lincoln Savi