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Conjoined Fetal Human Skull Model


Detailed and anatomically accurate 3D printable model of a rare conjoined fetal human skull based on a real museum specimen, ideal for oddity collectors.

This is a digital file ready to be 3D printed and painted by you!
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Introducing our 3D printable conjoined fetal human skull. It’s both unique, and anatomically accurate. We meticulously crafted this skull model to accurately reflect a rare occurrence of craniopagus twinning where two fetuses develop with a single face but two semi-separate crania and two foramina magna.

This conjoined fetal skull is an artistic recreation, we based it on a real museum specimen to ensure the highest level of accuracy and realism.

This 3D model serves scientific and educational purposes and makes a fascinating addition to any collection of oddities. Whether you’re a collector of anatomical specimens, a curator of a natural history museum, or simply someone with an interest in the unusual, this conjoined fetal human skull is sure to be a conversation starter.

We provide 3D printable, digital files in STL format, scaled to life-size and ready for you to print and paint them.

Keep in mind that this skull is about 5cm wide at default scale, but you can experiment with printing it at different sizes.

Animated rotation of a conjoined fetal human skull 3D printable model