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Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio)


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3D printed Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs

Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs (Oophaga pumilio) are a neotropical frog species that live throughout much of Central America. There are many different colour morphs of Oophaga pumilio¬†so this model has a lot of re-usability. You could print and paint an entire collection of the different colour morphs! However, the most common morph is known as “blue jeans” with a red body, blue legs, and black speckles over the red giving the frog a strawberry-with-seeds appearance.

The 3D printable .stl file is best printed using a resin-based 3D printer due to it’s tiny size. The fingers and toes are especially tiny and would prove difficult to print on an FDM-style filament printer. Our 3D-printable files come in a .zip archive containing the .stl files in order to keep everything organized.

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