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Wavy-rayed Lampmussel (Lampsilis fasciola)


3D-printable Wavy-rayed Lampmussel stl files

This is a collection of digital files ready to be 3D printed, assembled and painted by you!
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Wavy-rayed Lampmussel (Lampsilis fasciola)

This 3D printable Wavy-rayed Lampmussel (Lampsilis fasciola) is a great way to display a very cool life-history trait. Wavy-rayed Lampmussel is a freshwater clam species with a very interesting adaptation. When deployed, its mantle has a protuberance that very closely mimics a small fish. When larger fish attempt to eat this lure, they’re met with a mouthful of parasitic baby clams called glochidia (pronounced: glow-kiddy-ah). These glochidia attach to the fishes gills and feed on the fish’s blood until they mature into tiny clams. Then they detach themselves and fall down into the mud to live out the rest of their lives, reproduce, and lure more unsuspecting fish, completing the life-cycle.

The 3D printable, digital files are in STL format. They’re scaled to life-size and ready for you to print and paint them.

This Wavy-rayed Lampmussel is 10cm long, which is as big as they’re known to get. The average size is 7.5cm so you can scale the file down to 75% in your slicing software if you want an average sized mussel.

The files are packaged in a .zip archive. This package includes files for the closed-pose Wavy-rayed Lampmussel, the open-with-lure pose, and the open-with-lure pose split into three pieces: the top shell, bottom shell, and mantle/lure.

Wavy-rayed Lampmussel with Lure

Our tested print settings: FDM

We successfully printed the “closed” Wavy-rayed Lampmussel model in PLA on an FDM printer using these settings:

  • Nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • Layer height: 0.12
  • Wall thickness: 1.2mm
  • Infill: 5% lines
  • Support material: True

We oriented the model such that the umbo and hinge were facing downward. If your slicer supports it, we recommend using a concentric support interface pattern to avoid any unsightly grid patterns where the support material meets the model.

Animation showing the different STL files and how they are assembled to produce the complete Wavy-rayed Lampmussel 3D model.

Our tested print settings: Resin

We successfully printed the “with lure” version, in 3 pieces on a resin-based 3D-printer. We printed the lure in transparent resin to enhance the realism of the finished painted model.

We successfully printed this model in clear resin on an LCD 3D printer using these settings:

  • Layer height: 0.05mm
  • Hollowed: True
    • Wall thickness: 2mm
    • Infill: 10%
    • 1cm drainage holes on the sides of the model that would eventually be glued together (i.e. the insides).

Feel free to use these settings as a guide or use your own preferred settings. They’re just the settings that we used when printing.

Due to the nature of resin printing, you will have to determine your own exposure settings because they are different for every brand of resin and printer.

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Sculpt artist

Lincoln Savi